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I've never written a dialogue fic before but I was feeling particulaly inspirationless and Josh suggested 'hanging lights, falling and breaking a leg'.  I stared at my screen for a good forty minutes before this finally happened.

Holiday Helpers )

I can't promise anything much longer tomorrow either, it's going to be a crazy weekend but I might manage something more substantial if I get up early enough on Monday.
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I can't believe I only have ten more of these to go.  My mom and brother arrive tomorrow afternoon though and will be visiting for a week so writing the rest is going to be tricky.  I'll probably have to get up early with Josh (he starts working at 6:30am) ugh.  This story/drabble is from some great prompts I received from [ profile] lil_1337.  And inspired by a post I read on the Cooking Community here on LJ years ago where someone did the exact same thing as our poor darling boy, Quatre.

The Spice of Life )
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Yay!  Wufei got his playdate finally!  Duo is getting a little gloomy in these, I think he's starting to feel a little used?  I'm going to bring in Quatre for his playdate but then Duo might need a hug.  I know just the person to give it, too.  ;)

Invisible Ink and Decoder Rings )
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So I had two meetings after school today and got home around...6:00pm...tonight's story (it's hardly long enough to be called that, really) is as a result a bit dark because angst! why not?

Somebody Else )

Man this is so not Christmasy.  I need to work some more holiday cheer into these things!  Good grief.
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Alright, this is the end of it.  It's not as polished as I'd like but with doing one of these a day, sometimes you just gotta call it quits (and when it's 8:14pm and you still haven't had dinner and your husband is giving you the stink-eye it's definitely time to call it quits...)

Hockey!Duo and Pianist!Heero have told their story and this is where it ends.

Heart Murmur )

And there are probably a few typos.  I'll take another look after dinner, I just want to get it out while it's still the 12th!
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So I spent a couple hours yesterday trying to write Wufei’s playdate but it was being awkward.  I guess you can’t force a story when there is something else that really wants to get written.  And hockey!Duo and pianist!Heero were not done having their story told.  And even still, I finished this for today and felt like I still had more to tell so it might end up being continued tomorrow.  We'll see...

Heart Beats )

I'm not 100% sold on the title, I might end up changing it.  lol...
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I forget that I can write AU stories too! this one is just a short fluffy piece about Duo and Heero and first meetings.  (And yes, between Yuri on Ice and Check Please! I've totally got ice sports on the brain...)

Heart Music )

Now I want to write a story that takes place in the future when they're grown up and Heero is a famous concert pianoist and Duo plays for the NHL and they attend all of each others concerts and games...
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Squeaking this one in under the wire.  Our pizza date ended up running a lot longer then we anticipated and I got home a lot later then I had planned.  So it's shorter tonight.  I don't think I've ever written Noin before so this might be a little rough, Sally is a lot easier.  It was fun to have two ladies plotting revenge against injustice done to their boys, though.

Revenge Served )
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So a long time ago, in a land far away, I wrote a Christmas story.  (I think it was a Christmas was for Lemon Advent anway).  And then I wrote a sequel which had no title but now I'm retroactively calling Playing Pirates.  And the world they were in has always stewed quietly in the back of my head.  And then because of a conversation [ profile] lil_1337 and I were having about Trowa and what a stinking jerk he can be...Duo and Trowa started talking (well yelling at each other, really) in my head and thus today's advent is born!

Phew.  Without further ado...

Pulling Pigtails )

Poor Wufei.  I swear I'm going to write you your playdate some day.
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Totally inspired by today's episode of Yuri on Ice because...OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY REALLY DID!  *dies*  Like there was chatter on the Cruncyroll threads and I was rolling my eyes because yeah yeah let's keep it real and SHIT THEY WENT THERE!

Anway...*coughs* today's (very short) advent story is brought to you by round and gold.  HA!

With This Ring )

Not very long but light hearted!  I have an idea for tomorrow and I think it's going to be longer but I teach six classes so I might not have much brain power by the time I get home.  We'll see.
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Long day today.  I didn't start my day expecting to teach six classes.  I'm whipped.  So tonight's story is my default setting which is...angst.  But it has a happy ending?  Hilde wanted to get a piece of the action and so this story is hers.

A Real Lady )
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On a side note...while it was never really easy to write (some stories came more naturally then others) it was a hell of a lot easier without so much internet to distract me.

*stares at blank page while mind is consumed with three stories sitting open in tabs that I'm desperate to read*

Not to mention crap from work rattling around in my head, the occasional thought devoted to the lesson I'm going to 'wing' tomorrow and the stack of Christmas cards on the counter yet to be written.

SOMEBODY SHUT OFF MY BRAIN.  Except the bit in charge of creativity and writing.  Let's keep that.
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Home from work and ready to post the fifth day of Christmas Advent stories!  For this rainy (here anyway) Monday we have some Duo and Heero action set during the war when they were boarding at that school.  Mostly that means I didn't let them swear in the story.  Poor Duo.

O Tannenbaum )
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Shorter one today and a little depressing.  Adulting is not all fun and games as Trowa and Quatre find out.

Throttle )

I'll have to aim for something cheerier tomorrow!
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I have a theme!  Accidentally.  Apparently my go-to character when trying to get the juices flowing is Duo.  Because this was suppose to be Wufei's story but Duo (in typical fashion) hijacked the whole thing.  However I seem to have a thing going where he jumps in to help out a friend in their time of need so...

This was written for [ profile] lil_1337 and her prompt of Wufei - Honor.  I really hope you don't mind the hijacking!

Restoring Honor )

Whoop! It's only 2pm and I might have time today to write a buffer fic.  Hurray for weekends.
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Man, now I remember why I used to have a day's buffer when doing these things.  And I got home a lot earlier.  And I had time to scribble stuff down during the day.

Anyway.  Here is our second day's efforts.  I have to say, writing about the Gundam boys does still fill me with warm fuzzies even after all this time.

In Case of Emergency )

Yay!  Two down...twenty-three to go!
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Let's see if I can flex some writing muscles.  I've been wanting to do a Christmas advent again for a couple years now.  And this year is probably a terrible idea because I'm incredibly busy with work and homelife at the moment but we'll give it a go and see how far I get.

I'm using some old prompts and some new.  Feel free to toss me more if you have an idea.  (Also LJ is very different from the last time I used it and and I'm having to relearn how to post stuff so hopefully this isn't too wonky...

Radioactive )

I forgot to mention it was Gundam Wing.  Of course!  :)
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