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Yay!  Wufei got his playdate finally!  Duo is getting a little gloomy in these, I think he's starting to feel a little used?  I'm going to bring in Quatre for his playdate but then Duo might need a hug.  I know just the person to give it, too.  ;)

Trowa was giving him his patented, ‘I think you’re a moron Duo Maxwell and don’t know why I bother with you’ expression.

Duo just crossed his arms and scowled at the vidscreen. “I don’t want to go to Earth.  The weather is atrocious and it takes forever to get anywhere.”

Trowa looked like he was counting to ten but clearly it didn’t work as he continued to look irritated. “You owe me.  You got my shuttle blown up.”

“Oh shut up, I did not.  And technically that was Quatre’s shuttle.”  Duo grinned and couldn’t help taunting the other man a little.  “How did that work out by the way?  You seem to still have all your limbs intact.”

Trowa stopped smoldering, suddenly looking smug, “Funny thing about that.  It turns out the best way to get someone to stop being furious is to go ahead and kiss them.”

Duo wrinkled his nose and waved his arms.  “Ugh.  Never mind, spare me the details.”

“Look, do me a solid here Duo, I don’t have anyone else.”

Trowa didn’t usually do sincere so Duo took a second to really look at the other man.  Despite his flippant attitude and smug expression, Duo could see a few tense lines around his mouth and eyes.  Trowa wasn’t as calm as he’d like to seem.  Duo reassessed and then sat back in his chair, yanking on his braid while he thought.

“How the fuck did some casino tycoon manage to get the runaround on you anyway?  This is probably going to be a huge pain in the ass.”

Trowa scowled but his eyes cleared and he seemed to relax a little.

“So do you want your bauble back or just the money?  Or both?”  Duo perked up a little at that thought, doing one over the rich and entitled always put him in a good mood but Trowa was already shaking his head.

“Whichever is easier, really.  If you can get the diamond, go ahead but I’d be just as happy for him to keep it if I get my money.”

“Alrighty then, spontaneity and improvisation…my favorites.”

Later, poking reluctantly at a microwaved bowl of pasta, Duo tried to figure out how he could accomplish what Trowa needed.  It wasn’t a hard job but it was certainly a two-man operation.  Staring at the skull and crossbones mug sitting on the shelf next the coffee pot, Duo shrugged.  It wouldn’t hurt to ask.

He angled the vid screen so no one could see his pathetic dinner and then punched in a number from memory.   Duo smiled when the call was picked up after a few rings.  “Wufei!  How’s it going, man?”


Wufei looked good, it was clear the work he did with Preventers made him happy.  They had spoken a couple times since the pirate job and while they hadn’t met in person again since last Christmas, it was still surprisingly easy to talk to him and Duo enjoyed when they did manage to catch up.

“So I have a proposal  for you but it’s being made to my friend Wufei and most definitely not Agent Chang.”

Wufei raised an eyebrow, “Sounds ominous. I’m listening.”

 “Well first off, I want you to know that I have no choice in this matter because I’m being blackmailed.”

“How is Trowa?”

Duo snorted, “Insufferable as always.”

“You know, for as little as you two seem to get along, you talk an awful lot to each other.”

“What’s that suppose to mean?”  Suddenly Duo frowned, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Wait a second. How the hell did you know it was Trowa, anyway?”

“Well, I happen to know for a fact you guys went and had a bunch of fun together a couple weeks ago, there was chatter in the air about a space craft explosion…” Wufei trailed off and gave him a stern look. 

Duo just stared at him eyebrow raised and Wufei finally caved.  “You do know he talks to Heero, right?”

“And Heero talks to you.”  Duo rolled his eyes in exasperation.  “What a bunch of blabbermouths.   Thank God we’re not trying to keep a secret about participating in an illegal and dangerous infiltration into a business tycoon’s private estate.  Oh…wait.”

Wufei just grinned at him unrepentantly.  “So when do we initiate the mission?  I’ve cleared the time so I’m free all week.”

“Fine, I’ll send you the coordinates.”  Duo sighed, “You might want to brush up on your French, it looks like the guy has a place somewhere on St. Barts.”

“Fantastique! J’aime l’odeur de la brise de l'océan.” Wufei grinned at him smugly and signed off.

Duo stared at the blank screen for a moment and then groaned, “Mon Duieu épargne–moi des fanatiques.”

It turned out Wufei really did love the ocean breeze, judging by the enthusiastic whooping coming from him at the front of the boat he was currently piloting at high speeds.

Well, navigating might be a slightly generous term.  “Where did you learn to drive, Chang?  Can’t you keep us in a straight line?”  Duo swore as he was nearly thrown overboard for the third time but still managed to get off a shot at the men pursuing them.

It hadn’t been quite as straightforward as one would hope in a heist operation.  For one, there had been a lot more security then Duo or Wufei were expecting.  Clearly the Casino tycoon, had no intention in giving up his diamond or paying Trowa for the transaction.

Wufei had made an excellent plus one as they’d managed to talk themselves into the party being hosted by their mark.  It turned out a linen suit and polished French got you a lot farther then Duo had expected.

They’d even made it into their hosts good graces and been offered down to see his special collection.  The entrance being through the wine cellar and it was all Duo could do to not roll his eyes.  He couldn’t resist a few veiled snarky comments and Wufei had pinched him several times throughout the viewing.

It was after that, things went tit up.  Apparently the casino tycoon’s girlfriend had taken a fancy to Wufei and after a few too many drinks decided to flaunt her opinion to her less then pleased boyfriend.  Which had resulted somehow in Duo being shot and them having to flee via speedboat.

Being shot hurt.  It wasn’t life threatening, the guy couldn’t aim for shit but he’d still ruined Duo’s suit.  Pissed, he transferred Trowa’s missing money and then took the diamond anyway.  Served the bastard right.

Wufei just rolled his eyes and handed him the gun so he could quickly wrap up Duo’s shoulder.

Eventually they managed to lose the gunman chasing them, entirely due to Wufei’s erratic, but effective driving.  Duo had staggered on to his ship, set the auto-launch and then went off to get himself a beer.

Wufei made a few quick calls and then found him in the rec room, staring out the window as Earth quickly disappeared below them.  “Trowa says thank you, by the way.”

Duo just grimaced and flapped a hand.  “No biggie.  I kind of like that he owes me one now, no matter what he says.”

Wufei rummaged in the fridge till he found a beer for himself and they sat there in companionable silence for a while. Finally he broke it to look over at Duo and grin slyly.  “So are we going to tell Quatre about this adventure or are we keeping it a ‘secret’ like Trowa’s?”

Duo drained his bottle and tossed it in a bin next to the door.  “I don’t even know why I seem to be the go-to-guy for these outings.  You all can go hang out with each other, you know.”

He shrugged and then squinted at the floor, staring at scuffmarks left after long use.  “Well whatever.  I guess I don’t mind.  You drive a mean speedboat, Chang.  I’d take you on a spy mission any day.”  Duo looked over and smiled, offering his fist up to the other man.

Wufei, grinning in return, reached out and tapped it with his own.  “Best play date ever.”

Duo laughed.
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