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So I spent a couple hours yesterday trying to write Wufei’s playdate but it was being awkward.  I guess you can’t force a story when there is something else that really wants to get written.  And hockey!Duo and pianist!Heero were not done having their story told.  And even still, I finished this for today and felt like I still had more to tell so it might end up being continued tomorrow.  We'll see...

It was freezing at the ice rink and Heero understood why Duo’s mother had insisted he wear layers and then grabbed one of Duo’s knitted beanies and a pair of gloves when she realized he didn’t have either.

“Heero, dear, you’re going to need these.  I love my son to death but he forgets that we’re not all dashing around on the ice working up a sweat.”

Heero had just nodded silently and taken the offered items.  Now, he pulled the beanie farther down over his ears and smiled in thanks at Duo’s mom.  Still, despite the cold and the fact that his butt was going numb, he was so glad he had come.  There was raucous cheering from the stands and he had already jumped up several times, peering over heads and shouting along with the crowd.  It was awesome and fun and Duo hadn’t mentioned that he was in fact, amazing at the sport and had already scored a hat trick in the first half of the game and was in fact, leading his team in points for the season.

He hadn’t really understood what Duo meant when he said he wanted to spend time with Heero, be his friend, but he had meant it and Heero couldn’t imagine life without the other boy now.  It still took him by surprise that Duo was just as happy to watch him practice the piano for hours on end as he was to roughhouse in the backyard with the dog, or sit scrunched together on the couch playing video games until the early hours.

Duo had rocked Heero’s world, filled it with laughter and warmth and he couldn’t imagine life without him.

On the ice, a hard check into the boards made Heero wince but then he pumped his fist and jumped up again, yelling as Duo stole the puck and made his way to the net.  With a quick flick of his stick he sent it not toward the net, but to a teammate seemingly forgotten who took the shot and with that the game was over and Duo’s team had won the Championships.

After the cheering and the stamping and shouting, after the award ceremony where Duo was awarded not only MVP for the season, but also a spot on the U14 travel team, after all that, Heero and Duo’s family finally made it down rink side to congratulate everyone.

Heero was so proud of his friend he felt like he could fly out of skin.  He wanted to run up and hug Duo, hold him tight and yell in jubilation.  He wasn’t sure though since the other boy was surrounded by his hockey friends and they were all laughing and pounding him on the back.

Suddenly though, Duo looked up and caught Heero’s eye where he was standing on the other side of the boards.  He yanked off his helmet, beaming and skated over, throwing open the door to wrap his arms and Heero, pulling him out onto the ice and spinning him around.

“Did you see my hat trick, Heero?”

Heero grinned, burying his face in sweaty jersey, arms wrapped tight around the other boy.  “It was amazing! Congratulations, Duo.  You were incredible!”

Duo laughed and squeezed him one more time before letting go, but only to grab his hand and drag him over to his teammates.  Heero’s feet slipped on the ice but Duo kept him from falling, his grip never wavering.

“Guys!  Hey guys!  This is my friend I was telling you about!”

Suddenly Heero was surrounded by the other players and they towered over him on the ice but instead of glaring they were all peering at him, smiling and nodding in admiration.  “Dude!  You’re Heero?  Duo does not stop talking about you! Is it true you’re going to play Carnegie Hall?  That’s legit!”

Duo laughed and dropped Heero’s hand long enough do a quick spin on the ice, pumping his fist in the air.  “Yes! And some day when I get into the NHL, my team is going to make the Stanely Cup and Heero here is going to be there and he’ll play the national anthem for us and we’ll win.”

Heero shook his head but grinned.  “You know, normally somebody sings the national anthem, they don’t usually haul out a piano for people to just listen to.”

Duo skated over, taking his hand again, “That’s just because they haven’t heard you play.”

Heero smiled and let Duo drag him away.

When they were in high school Heero was finally able to transfer to the same school as Duo.  They didn’t have every class together but it was close and Duo had made sure they ended up in the same study hall and lunch period.

As they got older, they had less free time to hang out together on the weekends.  When Duo had turned sixteen he was made Captain of the Junior A team and he spent nearly every weekend traveling for games.  Heero was gone just as often, he spent a lot of time touring and performing at concert halls around the country.

When he could, Heero was at every game Duo played.  When he was free, Duo came to every concert.  And even if he couldn’t get to a performance because of distance, he still came over and would sit for hours listening to Heero practice while he did homework or just doodled.

Heero wasn’t there the day Duo got slammed into the boards by some twenty-year-old with a beard from Quebec.  He wasn’t there while the audience sat stunned, waiting for Duo to get up and when he didn’t, his parent’s frantic rush to the rink floor while EMTs pulled off his helmet and shined lights in his eyes.

Heero wasn’t there but he had been following the game from his phone backstage of Benaroya Hall, where he was accompanying the Seattle Symphony.  He stared at the small screen in fear, stomach sick and when they cut away from Duo to go back to shots of the audience, Heero, swore.

An oboist who was standing nearby organizing sheet music shot him a surprised look but he didn’t care and just continued to stare at the phone, waiting for news, hoping they’d cut back and announce Duo was up and back in the game.

Finally he couldn’t stand it and even though he shouldn’t even be looking at his phone so close to the opening of the performance, he frantically sent a text to Duo’s parents.  He wasn’t expecting a response and jumped when the phone vibrated in his hand, Duo’s mother calling.

“Duo?  I saw…I was watching…he didn’t get up…” Heero couldn’t get his words out and realized he was clutching his chest, trying to keep his raising heart in check.

“He’s fine, Heero.  Breathe, baby.  He’s fine.”  He could hear talking and beeping in the background and realized she must be calling from the hospital.  “He has a concussion and they were worried about how the hit affected his cervical vertebrae so they’re being extra careful but scans haven’t shown any damage.”

Heero crumbled to the ground; hand over mouth, stifling a sob of relief.

“He’s going to be really mad when they release him because he’s out for the rest of the season, so we’d appreciate you keeping him company.  You might have to sit on him but the doctors don’t want him skating or doing much activity at all for at least two weeks.”

Heero nodded and then realized she couldn’t see him and got out a choked “Yes, ma’am.”

“I know you’re suppose to be getting ready for a performance right now, dear.  Trust me, I’ll let you know as soon as they release us and you can come over as soon as you get back in town.”  Duo’s mom offered him a few more reassuring words and then hung up.

Heero didn’t realize he was crying until the oboe player came over and gently laid a hand on his shoulder, holding out a Kleenex.

“Are you alright?”

He nodded and sniffed, taking the Kleenex with a weak smile.  “Thanks.  Yeah, I just…my friend…” he couldn’t seem to talk properly, fear rising up in his chest to steal his words and instead he shoved his phone at the women where they were replying the hit and Duo going down.

She watched, eyes wide and then handed the phone back.  “That’s your friend?  Is he okay?”

He nodded, scrubbing at his face and taking a deep breath.  “Yes.  He’s my friend, my best friend. I just talked to his mom and she says he has a concussion but no other damage.”

“Hockey’s a rough sport.”

Heero nodded and couldn’t help wincing.  “Duo’s going to go all the way, I guess I need to get use to it but this is the first time it was this bad.”

She nodded and then surprised him by pulling out her own phone and pulling up a picture of a giant man.  The picture was shot as he was catching a football, mid-tackle.  “My husband plays for the Seahawks.  Believe me, it never gets easier.”

She put her phone away and then smiled gently, “But if you really love them, you let them go off and do what they do best.  And for my husband, nothing makes him happier then when he can play football.”

Heero stared at her in shock and then slowly nodded.  She gave him another pat on the shoulder and then went off to find her place when the stage manager started to call for attention.

Later critics would comment that it was Heero’s most powerful performance yet; full of a level of emotion he hadn’t brought to the stage before.  They speculated that as he was growing older, he was maturing as a performer and they wondered what even greater heights he had yet to reach.  He didn't remember much of the night, he sat at the piano and his fingers moved while he could only feel relief, fear and love all rolled into one and there was little room for anything else.

When he got back home, his dad drove him over to the Maxwell’s house and he barely said hello before dashing up the stairs to Duo’s room.  He felt like he didn’t start breathe again until he’d crawled into bed next to the other boy, looking pale and nauseous and carefully put his arms around him.

“You scared me.”  Heero muttered into Duo’s shoulder, unable to look at the bruises under his eyes.

“I know.  Scared myself, too.”  Duo snuggled down and wrapped his arms around Heero’s waist.  “Gonna happen though.”

“I know.  Just…try to do it when I can get there sooner.”  Heero finally raised his head to look Duo in the eyes.  “I’m going to worry but I’m with you every step of the way.”

Duo hugged him tighter and closed his eyes, smiling.  “Sounds good to me.”

I'm not 100% sold on the title, I might end up changing it.  lol...

Date: 2016-12-12 04:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Judging from Heero's reaction it was more like a heart attack. I am loving this universe and would not complain one bit if there was more. You do such an amazing job of showing how they care for each other even though the paths of their lives are very different.

Date: 2016-12-13 02:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I know! Why'd Duo have to pick such a dangerous sport? Couldn't he have gone in for...I don't know...snooker?

Date: 2016-12-13 04:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Because that's Duo.

Date: 2016-12-12 09:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I wonder if the oboe player sees that this friendship is a little bit more than the guys think it is. Sometimes, it's more obvious to other people that you've fallen in love with someone.

Date: 2016-12-13 02:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think she totally does. And clearly they don't realize it yet but Heero's getting there! ;)

Date: 2016-12-12 12:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Love reading them! *squee*

Date: 2016-12-13 02:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Haha! Thanks!


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